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Our motto for sound reproduction is "you need to hear it but not see it"..

We offer a variety of ultra compact line array systems that pack a hefty punch without getting in the way.

Our fully digital systems allow crystal clear sound reproduction that are quick and easy to install. They start with the very best digital consoles from Digico, A&H and Yamaha, and include microphone support from Sennheiser, Shure, DPA and AKG.

  • AKG

  • Allen & Heath

  • Clock Audio

  • Clear-com

  • Dennon

  • Digico

  • EAW

  • L-Acoustics

  • DPA

  • JBL

  • Martin Audio

  • Powersoft

  • Pioneer

  • RCF

  • Riedel

  • Sennheiser

  • Shure

  • Soundcraft

  • QSC

  • Quest

  • Yamaha

Equipment: Rentals


Our vision department stocks the latest in low latency, Ultra High Definition systems which include the Barco E2, Barco 32k 4k projectors and various other Barco, Blackmagic and Panasonic vision switching units. We have an extensive range of standard and custom ratio Stumpfl screens as well as small and large format LED & LCD monitors. We also carry a large stock of both Unilumin and ROE Visual LED panels, allowing us to offer our clients a full suite of Vision equipment options.

4K HDMI and 12G HD-SDI signals are processed via our Lightware Fibre Optic distribution systems, allowing for crystal clear images no matter the distance!

  • Barco

  • Bird Dog

  • Blackmagic

  • Christie

  • Decimator

  • Epson

  • Extron

  • Hitachi

  • Lightware

  • Novastar

  • Panasonic

  • ROE

  • Samsung

  • Shoflo

  • Sony

  • Stumpfl

  • Teradek

  • Unilimin

  • Vmix

  • Watchout

Equipment: Rentals


Our lighting inventory is made up of both LED lighting systems, and standard conventional fixtures. We utilise trusted brands like ROBE, Martin & PR for our moving light inventory, all of which have been fitted with Wireless Solutions DMX receivers. This has allowed us to cut down large amounts of pre production and onsite installation time, and has also given our lighting installations a higher level of diversity. We also utilise dimming and power distribution systems from Jands and Avolites, plus we have a large fleet of battery powered LED par's for clean and cable free corporate installations.

Our lighting systems are controlled via our Chamsys, GrandMA and Jands Vista consoles, while we pre program, and visualise, our lighting designs via Vectorworks Vision and MagicVis.

  • Avolites 

  • ChamSys

  • Clay Paky

  • DTS

  • ETC

  • GLP

  • GrandMA 3

  • Jands

  • Martin

  • PR

  • ​Robe

  • Selecon

  • TourPro

  • Varilite

  • Vectorworks

  • Wireless Solutions

Equipment: Rentals
Rigging & Staging.png

RIgging & Staging

We carry a full range of Nivtec StagingGlobal Truss and GIS Lift-Champ chain motors to provide safe, consistent, seamless environments, with our custom stage sets and scenic elements helping to complete the package for your next event.

Equipment: Rentals
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