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Lighting & Scenic Design

Our design process starts with the canvas, from the Colonna Palace in Rome to a rainforest in Port Douglas, no matter where you're headed, our principles remain the same.

We treat every design as something new. Our clients tend to come to us for the next best thing and we like delivering exactly that. By always studying the venue and then designing within its limits, we are able to consistently achieve a quality bespoke product, without any budget surprises at the end.

Our extensive experience of set construction and fabrication ensures our designs stand apart from the rest. An events success is not always about the tech, we believe that it requires good design, good set build and good tech to achieve a great looking show.

Lighting & Scenic Design: Rentals

Drafting CAD services for all aspects of show production including:

  • Seating plans

  • Lighting plots

  • Pixelmaps

  • Rigging plots

  • Set construction plans

  • Technical schematics

We also offer technical consultation for current or new venues including theatres, conference rooms and convention centres.

Lighting & Scenic Design: Rentals
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