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Live Broadcast & Streaming

Our experience with live broadcast production goes back many years - in the early days, well before high speed internet, we pioneered live corporate event broadcasting utilising traditional video conferencing systems over ISDN lines. We have streamed live footage from all over the globe including Antarctica and the Everest base camp. We think it's safe to say that if we can successfully broadcast from there, we can do it from anywhere!

With the 2020 COVID pandemic affecting live events globally, our extensive experience has been called upon to deliver the current new norm, the virtual or hybrid event.

In this ever changing and quickly evolving field, we have adapted to our clients' needs and corporate event requirements. We don't limit ourselves to platforms or particular technologies, we keep an open mind to ensure the solution is right for you. We can act as your online virtual technical directors, lending our experience and showcraft, to ensure your company engages with the audience to achieve the brand or company goals.

Live Streaming: Rentals

Live Studio Sydney

Our current studio facility features:

  • 90 SQM full black out studio

  • 7.5m x 2.5m fine pitch LED screen (fully adaptable)

  • Dynamic Digital Backdrop including digital green screen

  • Studio lighting including moving intelligent lights

  • Digital Audio System

  • Fully Equipped 40 SQM Broadcast Control

  • HD Broadcast Cameras inc PTZ

  • Multiple High Speed Redundant Internet lines including bonded delivery to a CDN.

  • Green Room & Toilet facilities

  • Ability to have multiple presenters both live and remote in HD quality.

  • COVID Safe environment, with separate entry and exits

  • Onsite Parking close to the CBD

  • Mascot Train Station (3mins walk) Sydney Airport (5mins car)

Live Streaming: Rentals

Our studio is best suited to:

  • All types of virtual events including AGMs, Conferences, Awards Nights, Town Hall meetings.

  • Recording of video content for social media and digital channels. 

  • TVC recording with digital green screen or live digital backdrops.

  • Professional Podcast recording. (Audio & Video)

  • Live gaming streams like ESports

Video examples of some of our previous broadcasts can be found below:

Top 1000 Funds  - Bridgewater

Professional Planner - Ray Dalio

Professional Planner - David Gonski

Live Streaming: Rentals

Use the studio capacity of our AV Alliance members around the world to offer HD live streams glitch free.

Connect directly with one of our partners, or ask us for an intro, there's simply no other global network like it.

We also have studios in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth should your event requrie studio to studio connectivity.

Our highly experienced and adaptable team has worked with many different online viewing platforms including;

  • Events Air (OnAir)

  • GlobalSign.In (GEVME)

  • Cvent

  • Aventri

  • vFAIRS

  • Eventbrite

  • Vimeo

  • YouTube

  • Wowza

  • StreamShark

  • Social media sites (Facebook, Instagram etc)

  • + many other bespoke built webpages & platforms

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